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  • 28th October
    5-seater aircraft SA160 was successfully finished and participated in the 11th Zhuhai aviation exhibition
  • 1st October
    The project of “small-scale UAV intelligent control key technical research and core control parts development” was supported by Hunan Province focused R&D plan.
  • 1st September
    The project of “series small UAV system application and industrialization” was specially supported by Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan national independent innovation demonstration area construction in Zhuzhou.
  • 10th August
    We obtained the honor of “Lusong District Civilized Enterprise Model in 2016”
  • 4th August
    SA60L-T plateau aircraft was off assembly line and started the first flying.
  • 12th May
    Airworthiness certification personnel from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) came to Sunward for joint review.
  • 1st May
    Hunan General Aviation Association was established, we joined in it and was elected to be vice president company.
  • 15th March
    The project of “agriculture aviation operation technical demonstration and promotion for hybrid rice production process” was accepted.
  • 30th January
    First sales for SUA “green guard” series multi-rotors UAV was realized.
  • 30th December
    Driving-bird edition aircraft design was approved by Central South Bureau of CAAC
  • November
    Remote sensing edition aircraft design was approved by Central South Bureau of CAAC
  • 29th May
    SA60L aerial photo edition design was approved by Central South Bureau of CAAC
  • November
    Aurora driving-bird aircraft was tested at military and participated in manoeuvre
  • October
    Sci-tech achievement for “3ZD-10 super-low-altitude remote control flight plant protection aircraft” was approved
  • June
    The project of “300kg unmanned helicopter system key technology research” was supported by a special fund from military and civilian integration industry development.
  • June
    “SUF30A aeromagnetic survey UAV system” was affirmed and awarded as the first great technical equipment of 2015 Hunan strategic newly-developing industry
  • External appearance patent “ultra light aircraft” was rewarded the external appearance design award of 16th Chinese patent award
  • Science project “light sports aircraft” was made the list of 2014 “100 patent transfer project” of Hunan as one of the important patent transfer project.
  • Company was rewarded the high technology enterprise of Hunan province
  • Company was rewarded the “2013 civilization construction advanced unit” of Zhuzhou
  • The national science and technology supporting plan unitely applied with Long Ping high tech was approved
  • ST582 trike passed the certificate of first major equipment of Hunan
  • 7月
    July the first SA60L Aurora light sports aircraft made in Zhuzhou was finished and test flied.
  • 5月7日
    7th May Our light sports aircraft received the first light sports aircraft production certificate of China from CAAC
  • 3月
    March sunward Zhuzhou aviation production base construction completed, company moved to Zhuzhou city
  • 11月
    November Sunward SA60L light sports aircraft was rewarded the golden prize of first CEID (1 of the 10 from all over China)
  • strategic emerging industries of Hunan: general aviation product industrialization
  • Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization’s first major equipment certificate and award—light sports aircraft
  • Major results conversion project of Hunan science and Technology Department: Technical demonstration and promotion of agriculture aviation technology in the production of hybrid rice.
  • 10月9日
    9th October The part 147 type training approval was received (No: D.147.300012)
  • 8月
    August Starting ceremony of sunward aviation industry base
  • 2月
    February Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
  • Received the award of “high and new tech enterprises” of hunan
  • The major science and technology project of Changsha: low attitude telemetry UAV industrialization
  • State Torch Program: mapping UAV industrialization
  • 6月29日
    29th June Our light sports aircraft received the first TDA of China from CAAC (TDA015-ZN
  • Sunward SA60L light sports aircraft registered in Italy
  • 9月
    September SUF30 low attitude UAV telemetry system passed the Industry identification organized by state survey and drawing bureau, the expert committee agree it has reached the worldwide advanced level.
  • Major science and technology project of Hunan: key technology research of light sports aircraft industrialization.
  • 10月
    October First sunward SA60L light sports aircraft completed and attended Zhuhai airshow
  • 3月
    March Foundation of Hunan sunward science and technologies co,. ltd
  • Major science and technology project of Hunan: key technology research of light sports aircraft industrialization.
  • 4月
    April Foundation of sunward aviation research institution
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