Zhuhai air show, "the national production" folk airshow

2015-04-18 分享

The pilots of Sunward aerobaic team, who are Tian Wei, Hong Lin, Min Hou, Sijie Yang, Ming Gao (from left to right) for training on November 4th. After nearly 800 kilometers and more than four hours flight, the first domestic "national production" flight, which is "Sunward aerobaic team" from zhuzhou sunward technology airport arrived to zhuhai jinwan airport on November 6th.The team were using four aurora SA60L light sport aircrafts, six pilots are Chinese, some people have experienced the original senior air force pilots, and also some people are newly licensed in civil aviation young pilots. Age of flight team cover "60" after "70" after "after 80" and "after 90", the pilots call themselves "6789 formation". Since it was founded in August 2014, after nearly three months of hard training, basically they have achieved the desired goal, and could completed performing actions like compressors low formation preferably.Min Hou said, who is the captain of the team. When we arrived in zhuhai would began to train immediately, "Sunward aerobaic team" would be the first to debut the 10th China international exposition of aeronautics and astronautics. Xinhua agency






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