SA160 5-seat aircraft made its gorgeous appearance at Zhuhai aviation exhibition

2016-11-04 分享

Sunward Display Area at Zhuhai Aviation Exhibition

    The 11th Zhuhai Aviation exhibition was inaugurated on 1st Dec 2016. Sunward Technology brought independent developed SA160 5-seat aircraft to participate in this exhibition. This is the first public appearance since from its coming off the assembly line.

    Professional visitor term of aviation exhibition ended on 3rd Dec. With elegant aerodynamic configuration, strong drive system, beautiful appearance and higher cost performance, Sunward SA160 5-seat aircraft obtained good reputation and was highly affirmed by Chinese meritorious test pilot, army chief, flying predecessor, pilots at home and abroad, and industry experts etc.

    Sunward SA160 aircraft, which is another masterpiece developed independently, is the first 5-seat piston aircraft with full carbon fibre composite in China. Sunward has achieved new leap on the road of building general aviation national brand.

Chinese meritorious test pilot Huang Bingxin

Flight experts at home and abroad

Customers at home and abroad

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