The National People's Political Consulate and Economic Policy Committee Director Zhou Bohua Carried out Research in Zhuzhou

2016-11-09 分享

        The National People's Political Consulate and Economic Policy Committee director Zhou Bohua accompanied by Zhuzhou municipal party secretary Mao Tengfei, the Mayor Yang weiguo, Sunward general manager Chen Gang, Sunward Technology general manager Zou Xiangfu etc came to Zhuzhou to carry out special research regarding “creating power manufacturing accumulation area” on 8th to 9th November. 

Research Group was Visiting Aircraft Display Area

The research group came to Sunward Technology in the morning of 8th. As one of the representatives of Aviation enterprises among Zhuzhou three main industries, Sunward Technology has gradually become mature on technical innovation, manufacturing, operation etc. Zhou Bohua, the former mayor of Zhuzhou and governor of Hunan was amazed when he saw rows of Sunward SA60L light sport aircrafts developed by local enterprise. He indicated that the products with independent intelligent property need to continue to insist innovation and green development during 2025 opportunity. Meanwhile, the 5-seater aircraft just made its appearance in Zhuhai aviation exhibition in 2016 and was highly appraised by the research group. 

Sunward SA160 5-seater Aircraft

SA160 5-seater Aircraft Visit

The Old Mayor Zhou Bohua was Listening to Introduction

Sunward SA160 is the first full carbon fibre composite 5-seater piston aircraft in China, and is also an innovation masterpiece by which Sunward Technology promoted R & D strength and manufacture level. Zhou Bohua listened related introduction whilst walking. He appreciated Sunward’s foresight and innovation spirit in general aviation field.

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