Chinese “Test Flight Hero” Huang Bingxin Examined Sunward SA60L Aircraft Light Sport Aircraft

2016-05-24 分享

Mr Huang and Hou Min were Having Group Photo on SA60L

    Sunward Technology chief pilot Hou Min and “test flight hero” Huang Bingxin  drove Sunward SA60L light sport aircraft and carried out a wonderful “flight experience” on 23rd May 2016. Maneuvering flights such as pass, steep turns etc made this meritorious test pilot of 40 years’ test flight experience have boundless feeling. He praised that our aircraft is indeed a good one with small noise and simple operation.  

    Mr Huang came to Sunward with Shandong and Inner Mongolia clients this time to examined Sunward light sport aircraft, was deeply aware of Sunward Technology’s product and enterprise strength and sought for further cooperation between both parties.

    The client Chairman Zhou from Shandong and Sunward Technology came to an initial agency agreement, and Mr Yu from Inner Mongolia indicated that he will expedite the progress of purchasing SA60L aircraft to possess his own SA60L; meanwhile Mr Huang had intention to take a lead to build Sunward Technology aircraft alliance in order to realize win-win development of Sunward Technology and clients.

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Mr Huang and Sunward Aviatress were Taking Group Photo

Self-introduction of Huang Bingxin:

He was born at Nanyang, Henan in 1948. He joined the air force in 1964. In 1985, Huang Bingxin was promoted to be a test flight colonel. During that time, Huang Bingxin not only successively undertook all the new type aircraft tests and identification flight tasks, but also successfully participated in important type test flights. He has accurate judgment, courageous and wise, was often able to head off a danger, and flight accidents never happen to him. He created the miracle in Chinese even in overseas aircraft history. He successively obtained second-class merits for twice and three-class merits for eight times. He was awarded title of test flight hero by Central Military Commission in 27th April 1988 and became the first batch of meritorious test pilot in 1991. Now he is the senior consultant of Chinese flight test research institute.

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