Sunward SA60L-T Plateau Edition Light Sport Aircraft Test Flight was Approved

2016-08-11 分享

    SA60L-T plateau edition light sport aircraft independent developed by Sunward Technology underwent 6-day high altitude test flight accreditation at an airport of Qujing, Yunnan on 4th August. With 1860m test flight airport altitude and more than 20 subjects of test flight, it finished ground inspection commissioning, static tensile test, and proving flight etc. The test flight result showed this aircraft has superior flight performance, excellent controllability, and is able to meet high altitude flight. It is expected to be sold in September.

Gas-pressure Meter used for Plateau

Ready for Static Tensile Test

SA60L-T plateau edition light sport aircraft continues to adopt SA60L light sport aircraft’s aerodynamic configuration and main structure, and only change naturally aspirated engine Rotax912ULS into Rotax 914, so it can ensure the integral structural reliability and improve the high altitude performance of whole aircraft. Under 1860m altitude and maximum take-off weight configuration, it can achieve 230m take-off distance, 260m landing distance, 5.5m/s maximum climb rate. Even at 4000m standard height, it still can reach 3m/s climb rate, maximum 210km/h cruising speed, minimum 78km/h stalling speed. SA60L-T became the new member of SA60L light sport aircraft whose on-sale series covers SA60L light sport edition, SA60L deluxe edition, SA60L aerial photo edition, SA60L remote sensing edition, SA60L bird repellent edition, and SA60L plateau. 

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