“Reading China, Gorgeous Xiaoxiang” Nearly One Hundred University Overseas Students Visited Sunward Technology

2016-10-16 分享

    Nearly one hundred university overseas students who come from 30 countries studying in priority universities in Hunan Province such as Central South University, Hunan University etc came to Sunward Technology to carry out social experience activity of “Reading China, Gorgeous Xiaoxiang” on 16th October.

    Sunward Technology firstly made an introduction of basic company information and production & operation status, then organized these students to watch aerobatic flight. SA60L light sport aircraft developed by ourselves smoothly finished a series of maneuvering actions such as low pass, steep turns, dive, continuous somersault, roll etc, which made these students and teachers feel amazed.


    By experience Chinese brand Sunward SA60L light sport aircrafts, these overseas students obtained field feeling of Sunward Technology’s independent R&D ability and lean production innovation practice spirit. We hope it helped the students to further understand a real China.


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