Hunan CPPCC Chairman Li Weiwei Visited Sunward Technology

2016-09-12 分享

     Li Weiwei, the member of the national committee of CPPCC and Hunan CPPCC chairman, acted as “group leader”, led a delegation to visit Sunward Technology for research regarding “deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises, promotion of mixed ownership economy development” on 12th September. She was accompanied by Zhuzhou municipal party secretary Mao Tengfei, Zhuzhou deputy party secretary and mayor Yang Weiguo.

     As the important social capital brought by zhuzhou “a hundred billion aviation industry”, Sunward Technology was highly recognized by Li Weiwei. The president of Sunward Technology Mr He Qianghua introduced company development history and main products’ excellent performances to Li Weiwei and delegation.

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Under mixed ownership economy environment, Sunward Technology brought in state-owned capital-Hunan Xiangtou High-tech VC Co., Ltd and New Lusong Costume Investment and Management Co., Ltd in 2015 with approximate 16% stock. Sunward Technology was highly appraised by the delegation for its foresight and promotion role in general aviation. They emphasized that we need to tightly seize reform development opportunity, and do well on R & D work to push technology innovation. In particular, we need to grasp the market advantage of existing independently innovative product i.e 2-seater light sport aircraft, push R & D of 4-seater aircraft, and further enlarge market share of industrial grade UAV to make state-owned capital play a great role in facilitating high-tech innovation and industrial cluster development.

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