“Thunderbolt” Police UAV was Successfully Delivered to Jishou Public Security Bureau

2016-08-10 分享

“Thunderbolt” participated in bid, competed with other two UAV manufacturers of Shenzhen

UAV project was accepted by leaders of Jishou Public Security Bureau

“Thunderbolt” took part in anti-terrorist & exploder clearing simulation drilling

The regimental police was operating “thunderbolt”. It was approaching suspicious cars for short distance detecting to confirm explosive position and shape etc. After detection, the UAV continued to keep high altitude surveillance to carry out real time monitoring against peripheral circumstance and suspicious.

“Thunderbolt” was showing extraordinary capability at policing operating mechanism reform site of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture public security organ

    Sunward Technology “thunderbolt” UAV system was successfully delivered to Jishou Public Security Bureau on 9th August 2016. During the acceptance process, the UAV’s performances, function modules etc were accurately confirmed and highly praised by Jishou Public Security Bureau and both parties will continue to keep in touch for upgrades work.

    Hunan Sunward Science and Technology Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (stock code:002097), which is specialized in R & D, manufacture, sales, and operation of manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft in aviation field. Sunward “thunderbolt” is the UAV integrated solution specially for police and military demand; this system was designed and produced according to military standard with long endurance and high reliability etc. “Thunderbolts” have been bulk supplied to military and Public Security Bureau. It can be equipped with devices such as aerial photography, infrared, wireless propaganda etc which is widely applied to aerial reconnaissance, maintaining stability etc. 

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