Sun ward Aircraft Got off on the Right Foot in 2017- 2 SA60L Aircrafts were ordered on 12th April

2017-04-14 分享

     Sunwards agent put an order of 2 SA60L standard version aircrafts in the beginning of second quarter i.e. on 12th April. The aircrafts have been put into production, expected to be delivered in June.

    With further opening of general aviation market, Sunward Techs first quarter sales increased rapidly than in former years. There are 4 signed contracts of 10 aircrafts. 7 aircrafts are expected to be delivered to customers by the end of April.  

   The agent signed with Inner Mongolia Zahr Hu General Aviation Corporation regarding 2 standard version aircrafts which will be used for sport license training, flight experience, and flight show. It is anticipated that Inner Mongolia will establish a Sunward flight show team in this October. Inner Mongolia Zahr Hu General Aviation Corporation has assigned excellent pilots to Sunward Tech to have comprehensive training.

   Up to this April, Sunward Tech has 7 provincial level agents as strategic partners. With further market expansion, Sunward Tech expects more and more excellent partners to grow together and build Sunward national brand.


Aircrafts under assembly


    Sunward SA60L light sport aircraft: it is an independently designed and manufactured light sport aircraft with two seats and single engine.Its flight performance and safety has reached international advanced level. It is easy to be used and maintenance with good-looking appearance; it is the first national-brand light sport aircraft which got the certification issued by CAAC; this aircraft is completely able to  applicable for flight training, tourism, sport entertainment etc with excellent performance and reliable quality. It can be also modified to be other version applicable to aerial survey, agriculture and forestry spray, and remote sensing etc.

    Sunward ‍‍UAV: Sunward is able to particularly provide complete UAV solution against military industry and industry demand; we have 3 existing production lines including multi-rotor UAV, fixed wing UAV, and unmanned helicopter. It can be equipped with multi-load, widely applicable for detection, mining exploration, film & television photography etc.

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