Sunward SUM60 “Thunderbolt” Multi-Rotor Military UAV

SUM60 “Thunderbolt” military UAV was developed for military and police needs specially; this system was designed and manufactured according to the military standard, which has the characteristics of long-endurance, high reliability, etc. It has been supplied in quantities to troops, carrying a variety of loads, and are widely used in aerial reconnaissance, safeguard stability, emergency rescue, military counter-terrorism and other fields. 

1. Super-long endurance: standard load duration no less than 60 minutes, with a flight radius no less than 5km; 

2. Military quality: design and manufacture in accordance with military standard, rack made of all-carbon fiber composite materials, with high strength and light weight;

3. Safety: dual-redundant flight control system provided with an automatic return in case of out of control, power shortage protection, broken oar protection function etc. with extreme security;    

4. Ease to use: double screen ground station, ability of route planning and independent/semi-autonomous flight, folding fuselage, assembly without tools, equipped with high-definition digital image transmission, AV signal and HDMI dual channel video output as well as seamless joint command system. Real-time video monitoring could also be realized.

5.Multiple function: equipped with 20 times zoom high-definition camera system to accurately capture picture details such as license plate, person’s facial features; equipped with multi-load quick replacement setting, with many kinds of load such as aerial photo, infrared, propaganda, casting objects, gas detection etc. to meet users demand for multi-purpose personalized operations.

Sunward “thunderbolt” UAV oblique photograph system is equipped with oblique camera, and can also be equipped with highlighted three-protection outdoor laptop and controlling ground operation station.

equipped with oblique camera

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