Sunward SUA Multi-rotors UAV of “Plant Guard” series

Sunward SUA Multi-rotors UAV of “Plant Guard” series multi-rotors unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) were independently developed and manufactured specially for plant protection of agriculture and forestry industry. There are different load levels of 5 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg with many advantages such as reliable performance, simple operation, accurate spraying, high working efficiency etc.


1. Safety and reliability

The complete aircraft is designed according to the industrial grade standard, and the manufacture system is authenticated by the CAAC; Airframe adopts the all-composite materials with high strength, long life and light weight; with 6-axis/8-axis airframe,  normal landing still could be done if single arm fault happens; It possesses the security protection functions such as automatic returning in case of remote control signal loss and low power automatic return, automatic slow landing etc.; applicable to a variety of pesticide environments from -15 - 40.


2. Precise spray

Adopt pressurized spraying system. Replace the nozzle, flexibly adjust flow rate and atomization effect according to different potions; Nozzle is below rotor wing. The downward air flow produced by 22-inches carbon fiber propeller makes the agent reach the root of the plant as well as back of stems and leaves, with strong penetration. Spray pump adopts the brushless motor with precise control, and proper spraying scheme can be implemented according to different crops and agents.

Built-in flight control for plant protection operation, stable flight, accurate response to instructions, convenient operation; one-key take-off, one-key landing and one-key return function, with automatic planning of spraying routes to implement independent/semi-automatic

operation; be able to fly at the set height.


With route break point intelligent memory function, memory coordinate point can be set in case

 of no pesticide or power shortage. Spraying operation can be continuously carried out by one-key return to memory point to ensure the continuity of plant protection operation.


It can be quickly unfolded and folded within 1minute, which has improved work efficiency.

5kg plant protection aircraft

10kg plant protection aircraft

pesticide dose test

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