Sunward SA60L Remote Sensing Edition

Sunward SA60L remote sensing edition is a special product of remote sensing operation. Based on the SA60L light sport aircraft, two device windows are opened at the aircraft belly to be installed with different equipment for special operations. The 14V 480W external generator is optional to reduce subsequent maintenance workload of charging and discharging. The front device window can be installed with devices with weight not exceeding 40kg and height not exceeding 500mm, and the front window is designed to have fairing device. Rear device window can be equipped with a weight of not more than 20kg.




1. Strong refit ability. Double equipment windows can be refitted to install aerial equipment, multispectral remote sensing equipment, radar imaging equipment, prospecting equipment, seeding equipment etc. which are used for special operation fields;

2. Good economics. Use 97# motor unleaded ethanol-free gasoline, easy to use;

3. Authenticated by civil aviation with complete certifications.

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