Sunward SA60L-T Plateau Edition

Based on SA60L light sport aircraft, SA60L-T plateau edition is equipped with Rotax 914 turbocharged engine under condition that aerodynamic configuration and drive mode are not changed, which enables the output power to achieve the maximum take-off power at 2450m altitude and the maximum continuous power at 4500m altitude. Therefore, the high altitude taking-off/landing, climbing performance and altitude adaptability of SA60L-T plateau edition are effectively improved.   

Strong application of function expansion. It can be extended to the plateau aerial photo edition, plateau remote sensing edition, and plateau sowing edition. The product can meet the aerial photo and mapping, power line inspection of plateau, high plateau area, as well as other needs. Plateau sowing edition fitted with seeding equipment can be used in plateau area sowing, deratization etc.       

 Adapted to the plateau area. The Rotax 914 engine is a turbocharged engine with 115Hp horsepower, 15Hp more than Rotax 912ULS, which is still able to achieve maximum take-off power at an altitude of 2450m.

High safety. The turbocharged engine can effectively reduce the risk of carburetor icing.

Good economics. 97# motor unleaded ethanol-free gasoline can be used with low fuel consumption and convenient usage.  

 Strong applicability. Large high altitude propeller thrust, short taking-off/landing distance. Increased high altitude cruising speed, longer voyage.

Strong innovation. The only home-made, independent creative product, hasone-piece construction, is the first in China, advanced in theworld, has light weight and high strength with carbon fiber composite material.

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