Sunward SA60L bird-dispelling edition

Bird-dispelling edition is a special customized model of SA60L, equipped with a bird-dispelling system composed of laser, flashing light, and chirping of bird predators. Using sound, light, electricity and other technical means can effectively widely fulfill bird-dispelling at airport and the surrounding area. Compared to common bird-dispelling means at present, the bird-dispelling aircraft has a very good effect.



 Excellent bird-dispelling effect. The aircraft belly is loaded with 3W green laser, range >500m, LED flashing light system for bird-dispelling operations by visual and auditory stimulation in many aspects.

Small bird-dispelling limits. Aircraft bird-dispelling operation is not limited by the ground and air. Lighting system is added to instrument desk to realize simple visual night navigation and the tasks under insufficient light condition in the morning and evening.

Rich optional function. By chemical reagent spray system loaded on aircraft, spray chemical reagents such as ammonium hydroxide, herbicide etc. in order to control birds’ living environment such as water source, food source etc., so that the birds could not inhabit the surrounding area of airport.

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