Trike is the light manned sports aircraft product independently developed by ourcompany, it is an integration of international trend element, advanced technology,independent IP and various patents. It has various characters such as high stability,simple structure, novel styling, agile control, easy maintenance and high adaptationof landing & taking off ability. It could be widely used for all kinds of fly demonstration,sports recreation, pilot training, tourism, aerial photography, agriculture sprayoperation, advertising, emergency rescue and special type force etc.



Along with the fast development of rural economy and the great increase of technology content in agriculture production, the agriculture aviation will play a more and more important role in many fields including sowing, fertilizing, extermination of disease and insect pest, agriculture resource survey. Trike being used as agriculture equipment has a lot of advantages such as high mobility, easy transportation, low cost, low speed on low attitude, safe etc. Its taking off and landing site could be set up inside the operation zone to reduce the empty flying time between refilling and operation; short taking off and landing time ensures the flying at needs to avoid delay problem; 75/h flying speed,5-10m hedgehop, combining the advanced ultramicro-spray technology, it could be used in the precise spray in agriculture and foretry.



All models are equipping with original imported Austrian Rotax582/912 engine, Kievprop/ powerfin propeller, which are providing the most strong power. Using 97# gasoline which is widely used by cars, it could ensure an over 340km one way flying range under 85km/h cruise speed.



Currently, all of our products are equipping with original imported Italian HZ/GRIF serials wing, the HZ serials wing is the very rare hard supporting wing available in the market which has received the authoritative certification from European DULV. It could be folded and packed for easy transportation, the wing with max overload from -2G to +6G could provide the pilot and passenger most reliable safety guarantee and excellent fly experience.


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