SUF30 Wild goose fixed wing UVA system


    ▪ SUF30 wild goose telemetry UAV is a professional low attitude telemetry flight platform system which is specially designed for the surveying and mapping requirements. Sunward worked closely with the professional surveying and mapping institute during the development of this product to make the perfectly matching professional tool for the surveying and mapping department. This system had been proved through a great number of fly tests to make a perfect combination of safety and practicability. Our product had also passed the strict certificate of state bureau of surveying and mapping and won great praise.

  • ▪ 系统集成度高,功能完善
    In addition to the qualifications for the low level of surveying and mapping of remote sensing unmanned aerial vehicles all basic functions, It also has generated automatically routes, fixed-point pictures, launcher elastic electric traction, autonomous catapult launch, can temporarily change course; Designed to ensure the aerodynamic layout is reasonable, the structure strength redundancy, communication interrupt automatically return, low height automatic open umbrella, automatic power off function of self-preservation; Providing convenience for the user with Customizable toolbox transport case, the more detail and design of aircraft as far as possible.

  • ▪ Strong adaptability, easy operation and strong practicability
    The design of system has the function of catapult launch, parachute recovery, low landing site requirements. In addition to the plain region, it can also be applicable to the hills, lakes, urban operation and the terrain environment. Stainless steel structure of the launch system contains a number of patents, high structural strength, can all be disassembled, easy to transport, easy to operate. Besides the two functions are greatly reduced the requirements of gunner operating level.


    ▪ It is lower cost of system operation and maintenance, single vehicles suitable for 20~50 square kilometers, and greatly reduce the workload of human to the traditional surveying and mapping. It also saved tedious formalities for examination and approval to manned aerial, and greatly reduced the whole costs of production project. Now it has been fully equipped with professional surveying and mapping departments, and get a lot of the measured results.

    ▪ It could be widely used in real-time observation of the development and use of land and resource, it could also fulfill the urgent need of monetization and information including basic telemetry, new rural constructive, urban planning, environment observation, natural disaster preventing and reducing, precision agriculture, geological exploration, military reconnaissance, board portal and traffic management. It is the basic survey data obtaining equipment which is necessarily and urgently needed by the development of economy and technology.


    ▪ geological exploration


    ▪  basic telemetry

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