My company develop flying eagle double triangle small fixed-wing UAV system which is using advanced aerodynamic layout, with excellent flying performance, high speed, low stall performance and long life characteristics. Now from the cold Canadian arctic to the tropical region of southeast Asia tropics, more than 370 sets of prototype system used in service, The mission of success rate is more than 90%. The performance of the control system by domestic peers authority authorized, and which is a very advanced level in the same type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system. According to the market demand and research at home and broad, for UAV platform parameters, we have improved local aerodynamic shape and composites molding process, and further reduced the body weight, improved the aerodynamic performance, improve the ability to carry a payload. The
newly developed prototype with the development of new s piston engine, which has repeated many tests and the result is improved that reached the design requirements.   

1、Environmental adaptability.


Allow the maximum wind speed: Level 6  The wind speed: 18 m/s  With the wind speed: 3 m/s   Cross wind speed: 4 m/s


The rain weather:20mm/h                Temperature requirements:-20 ~ +55 ℃      humidity:5~95%

salt fog resistance: recycling can adapt to the sea when it needs fresh water and spray dryer.


Launch reliability (or emission probability of success):95%(skilled operator) Recovery reliability (or recycled probability of success) : 90% (no hard rock, barrier-free condition)

Lightning weather recovery: 50% rainfall weather recovery: 80% 
Trouble-free time interval MTBF: an average of 90 days on average trouble-free flight hours, MTFH: 10 hours

The service life of the UAV: 60 hours flight take-off and landing (30 times), nondestructive landing 50 times (100 flight hours)

3、maintainability index
Mean time to repair the MTTR: 2.7 hours

Mean time to repair/flight hours (i.e., 1 h per flying in the air for ground maintenance time) :  15 minutes

4、The mode of transportation
Generally for container transportation, after the plane packing by the launch vehicle transport, when time need 30 minutes.

Short-distance transport (400 km), the launch vehicle can be installed 2 aircraft fuselage (including avionics system), wing loading by the launch vehicle transport, then 20 minutes a time.

Earth station and guarantee by the security car transport equipment.


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