SUMA2208 multi-rotors UAV



    ▪ SUMA is a UAV system utilizing 8 rotor aerodynamic design, which could vertically take off and land with autopilot system. It could be used to accomplish different fly mission such as crop dusting, air detection, communication repeating, high voltage wire set up, radar calibration flight, fixed point dropping, small area mapping and commercial filming etc. It is utilizing the quick assemble and disassemble structure design, its special design allows you to assemble or disassemble the UAV within 10 minutes. The disassembled machine is very easy to be packed and transported.. Most part of the machine body made by carbon fiber, and the rest were aviation aluminum, because it has lighter weight and higher strength. SUMA could be operated remotely or auto-piloted with GPS system. It has many flight modes such as manually remote control, hovering waypoint navigation, flight on site and circling flight etc.


    ▪ power line inspection
    High voltage line patrol, pylons of maintenance is a long-term and arduous work. With the multi- rotors UAV this powerful tool, which make line patrol line tower repair work easy Especially in the transmission lines of mountainous area, it can give a full play to the superiority of the aircraft. The same as traffic patrol, oilfield pipeline inspections, high-speed rail viaduct inspections etc.


    ▪ Aerial photography, traffic monitoring, highway patrol
    Small aircraft flying is relatively stable. Now the multi-rotors aircraft can carry more high-definition cameras, SLR cameras, and fly high quality stable, can complete video and
    photo in the air. And multi- rotors aircraft flying can be as low as possible to achieve a dynamic video effect, it is not only a manned helicopter flight which cannot complete a low-level. But also it can fill the gap in the field of an aerial. The multi-rotor aircraft flying with a portable, qualitative light, more stable, low noise characteristics, carry video equipment and detection equipment can provide strong means for secret surveillance, particularly in the region of the people is not easy to close to, which can provide air first hand footage. And it also can play a huge role in the mass incidents, in addition to the reconnaissance can even carry small tear gas to throw in the air.


    ▪ Agriculture, forestry and plant protection
    As an agricultural country in our country, crops diseases, insect pests prevention and control .which take a long way to go. Human is not as good as rice paddies and similar pesticide spraying. The multi-rotors aircraft flying at a steady and the characteristics of simple operation, carry out low and liquid spraying (2 meters) is higher than crops, can realize uniform spraying, high efficacy, greatly saves human, to achieve high efficiency operation aircraft chromatographic photography equipment can also carry special equipment and early warning, large areas of vegetation to early detection and timely treatment at the scene of fire from spreading of the forest fire Aspects, top of the fire rescue is the key of the fire control work deployment, the multi- rotor aircraft can arrived to the scene rapidly, and it can be real-time transmission of ground command vehicle with the height, the details can be for reference and provide real information effectively.

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