SA60L light sports aircraft

Sunward Aurora SA60L is a single engine 2seats light sports aircraft with word class performance and safety. It is easy to maintain. This aircraft is the first and only Chinese brand light sports aircraft which has received  the Chinese airworthiness certification so far.


    ▪ The main structure of aircraft is manufactured with imported carbon fiber material, its full molding manufacture process could ensure its high quality and sameness.


    ▪ Crystal canopy will full direction view, which could perfectly fulfill all requirements of sports flight and recreation; adjustable seats, matching with different requirements from different pilots and passengers.

  • ▪ Low landing/taking off distance and big range of runway choices, it could land and take off safely on hard dirt road, grass, concrete road and asphalt road.


    ▪ Perfect maneuver and gliding performance, great operational performance.

  • ▪ Equipping with mechanical, electronic and hybrid , three types avionics for customer’s choice. Designed and manufactured under the full supervision and instruction of foreign experts, the performance and quality has already reached the advance level compare with same international brand products in the market.


    ▪ With its great performance and reliable quality, Sunward Aurora light sports aircraft could be perfectly used for basic fly training, tourism and sports & recreation etc, it could also be used for aerial photography, agriculture and forestry practice with slight modification..

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