Sunward SA60L crop-protecting aircraft

The sunward SA60L crop-protecting aircraft is the upgraded model based on the standard model of sunward SA60L which has been authenticated by civil aviation. It has the outstanding features for crop-spraying as bellow:

1. The aircraft is fully certified and all the licenses are available.

2. Good control performance, high sensitivity, great wind resistance (could fly at crosswind speed of 10m/s).

3. Low taking-off/landing site requirements (highway, grassland, hardened soil), short distance

of taking-off/landing (within180m);

4. The aircraft is equipped with special navigation spraying equipment to ensure no leakage and

repeated spray, with automatic retractable spray function.

Detachable embedded pesticide tank

5. Atomizer is well-adjustable with spraying amount of 0-40L/min to ensure it meets requirements of various dose spraying and the atomizer is not easy to be blocked.

Imported high precision rotating atomizer suitable for many kinds of crops

6. The power of the spraying equipment is mainly driven by wind with low failure rate, and the complete set of system is easy to be disassembled and maintained to ensure aircraft function expansion.

Imported energy-saving wind boosing pump

Apart from the crop-spraying operation, this aircraft can be changed into the standard edition after pesticide box is quickly dismantled. Then it is able to do other general aviation tasks. It could be directly used for general aviation construction preparations, fly training, aerobatic flight, also could be used for aero photographing, aero survey and emergency rescue etc. after simple modifications. It is a light multifunctional aircraft with high-performance and high performance-price ratio. In addition to aircraft sale service, Sunward also provides professional modification, maintenance and fly operation service, a real full industrial chain service for customers.

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