Sunward SA60L aero photographing and mapping aircraft 

Sunward SA60L aero photographing and mapping aircraft is the professional product dedicated for aero photographing and mapping operation. It is a light aircraft which has filled the gap between those aero photographing and mapping operations done by small & medium size UAV and heavy aircrafts.
The sunward SA60L aero photographing and mapping aircraft is the upgraded model base on the standard model of sunward SA60L LSA. While working on the aero photographing and mapping job


    ▪ The aircraft is fully certified and could submit for all the licenses

    ▪ The operation of aircraft is very light and convenient. It has a swift response to reduce the difficulty of operation for the pilot.

    ▪ Great wind resistance (could fly at crosswind speed 10m/s condition), ensures the accuracy requirement of aero photographing operation.

    ▪ Low taking off and landing requirement (distance of taking off and landing is 170-180m, it could take off and land on both highway, grass land, hardened soil and concrete topography);

    ▪ Accurate control, stable and safe, assures maximum safety;

    ▪ This aircraft has a 6 hours long endurance time and high working efficiency. The max operation area could cover over 50-100 km2 in a single taking off in accordance with the accuracy requirement of different scale.

    ▪ The low purchasing cost of aircraft and normal mobile gasoline fuel consumption could extremely reduce the operation cost.

  • ▪ The aircraft could either install all kinds of auto aero photographing and mapping payloads or using handy equipments to fulfill the requirement of all kinds of tasks.

  • ▪ Except the aero photographing and mapping job, the aircraft could be directly used on general aviation company foundation, fly training, fly show. It is a multifunctional high performance-price rate light aircraft.

    ▪ Except aircraft purchasing service, Sunward also provide professional modification, maintenance and fly operation service. Sunward is the full production chain service provider.

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