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On April 16, Zhang Weitao, general manager of Guangzhou Industrial Control Group, and his team investigated Sunward Airlines

On April 28th, Qingdao Jiutian International Flight Academy and Hunan Sunward Technology held the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement and the first batch of 20 Sunward aircraft at the base of Qingdao Rizhao Jiutian Flying Academy.

On May 27, Chai Guanhui, Chairman of Hulunbuir Urban Investment Group, led a delegation to investigate Sunward Technology

On July 4th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan General Aviation Technical School for the integration of production and education and the press conference of Sunward Lefei Aviation Research Base

On July 27th, Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government, investigated Sunward Aviation Industry


On April 13, the four-aircraft formation of the Shanhe Air Demonstration Team set another record

On June 6, the Sunward SA60L Deluxe Edition made its first self-driving and night flight at Changde Taohuayuan Airport.

July 24-30, participated in the American EAA Flyer Conference

On July 24, obtained the AS9100D quality management system certificate for light sport aircraft

On August 20th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially included the Sunward SA60L Arola aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) brand/model catalog

On August 31, Sunward Technology's 2019 General Aviation Development Customer Exchange Conference was successfully held. Nearly 50 companies and units in China's general aviation industry sought to develop together, provide suggestions and suggestions, and contribute wisdom to the future development of China's general aviation industry.

On October 30, Chengdu Sunward's first SA60L-T prototype made a complete flight.

On November 8, Chengdu Sunward was awarded the Aurora SA60L-T Production License (PC), the first complete machine production license for general aircraft in Sichuan Province.

On November 16-19, the 2019 International Light Aircraft Open National Aircraft Competition was held in Datong, Shanxi. The Sunward Air Team won the first place in China and the second place in the world.

On November 28, SA60L-iS successfully obtained the "Type Certificate Data Sheet" approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China

On November 29th, Sunward's "UAV Aeromagnetic Detection System" successfully passed the customer (Hunan Provincial Institute of Physical Investigation) acceptance


On January 2nd, 2018 is a good start: Sunward Technology and Wuhan Challenger will be open to aviation, and jointly develop the territory of Wuhan's general aviation industry.

On January 26, Xu Chaoqun, Director of the Airworthiness Certification Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, and his party went to Sunward Technology for investigation and investigation

On March 9, Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, and his party came to Zhuzhou to investigate the general aviation industry

On July 31, the first TCB meeting of Hunan Sunward Technology SA160L five-seater aircraft was successfully held

On July 31st, the Ceremony for the Model Certificate (TC) Awarding Ceremony of the Sunward SA60L-is EFI Deluxe Aircraft was successfully held

On October 1, Sunward SA60L aircraft successfully flew for the first time at Suzhou Chenghu Aviation Flight Camp

On October 2, "Shanhe SA160L" successfully completed its first flight at Lusong General Airport in Zhuzhou, Hunan!

On November 6-11, the "Shanhe SA160L" five-seater aircraft, SA60L-is luxury EFI version, SA60U (fixed-wing) UAV, SUH50 Feiyue unmanned helicopter, and Delta Eagle engine appeared at the 12th China International Aerospace Expo

On December 6th, Sunward Southwest Aviation Industry Base-Chengdu Sunward Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be put into use soon


Participated in the 2017 Zhengzhou Air Show on April 27

On May 9th, Shanhe "Aurora SA60L-T", the first high-prototype light sports aircraft in China, was awarded the type design approval

On May 27th, Sunward's police drones participated in the national police drone tactics drill competition, and all results ranked first in Hunan Province

On June 1, 8 aircrafts were delivered to customers in a centralized manner, and the "Elephant Walk" was staged at the Sunward Aviation Industry Base

On June 21, the leaders of Hunan Police College and Zhuzhou City Public Security Bureau accompanied the Lao public security delegation to visit Sunward Technology

On July 18, Shanhe General Aviation arrived at Jiuzhou Airport to participate in the Guizhou Flight Conference

On August 18th, it set a benchmark for Hunan police navigation and showcased the style of the Sanxiang police circle-Zhuzhou Public Security's first police drone combat exercise was successfully held in Sunward Technology

On August 27th, Xu Dazhe, governor of Hunan Province, investigated Sunward Technology and instructed to seize the opportunity of general aviation development to build a distinctive national brand.

On September 12, Shanhe "Yunyi" police drone-participated in the anti-terrorism exercise of the 19th National Congress of Hunan Province

On September 16, Mr. Vaidya, Chairman of the FRY Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with his wife and consultants visited Sunward Technology

On November 28, Du Jiahao, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, inspected Sunward Technology and instructed Sunward: "We must make the aviation industry bigger and stronger."


On January 30, SUA "Green Guard" series of plant protection multi-rotor UAVs achieved mass sales

On March 15th, passed the acceptance of the project "Agricultural Aviation Operation Technology Demonstration and Extension in Hybrid Rice Production Process"

On May 1, Hunan General Aviation Association was established, our company joined the Provincial General Aviation Association, Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. was elected as the vice chairman unit

On May 12, the airworthiness certification personnel of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) came to our company for a joint review

On August 4th, SA60L-T plateau aircraft rolled off the assembly line for its first flight

On August 10, won the "2015 Lusong District Civilized Model Unit"

On September 1, the "Serial Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Application and Industrialization" project received special support for the construction of Zhuzhou Mayor Zhutan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

On October 1, the project "Research on key technologies for intelligent control of small UAVs and development of core control components" was supported by the Hunan Provincial Key R&D Program

On October 28, Sunward's new five-seater aircraft SA160 successfully rolled off the production line and participated in the 11th Zhuhai Air Show


June "SUF30A Aeromagnetic Survey UAV System" won the first (unit) set of major technical equipment certifications and awards in the strategic emerging industries of Hunan Province in 2015.

June "300kg-class unmanned helicopter system key technology research" project received special funding support for the development of military-civilian integration industry

October "3ZD-10 ultra-low-altitude remote-controlled flying plant protection aircraft" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

In November, the Arora bird repellent was tested by the military and participated in the exercise

On May 29th, the SA60L aerial version obtained the design approval from the Central South Bureau of Civil Aviation of China

The remote sensing version obtained the design approval of the Central South Bureau of Civil Aviation of China

On December 30th, the bird repellent version was approved by the Central South Bureau of Civil Aviation of China


Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province

The science and technology project "Light Sports Aircraft" was included in the 2014 Hunan Province "Hundred Patent Transformation Promotion Plan" key patent technology transformation project

The appearance patent "Ultralight Aircraft" won the Outstanding Design Award of the 16th China Patent Awards

October "Shanhe General Aviation Industry Base Construction" project was supported by the special guiding fund support of Hunan Province to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries

In November, my country’s first "nationally produced" civil air show team was established

In November, it was approved to join the National Agricultural Aviation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance


In March, Zhuzhou Shanhe Aviation Industry Base was completed and put into production, and the company moved to Zhuzhou City as a whole

On May 7th, the light sport aircraft obtained the first domestic light sport aircraft production license PC (PC0023A-ZN) issued by the Civil Aviation of China

In July, the first Shanhe Arola SA60L light sport aircraft made in Zhuzhou successfully rolled off the line for its first flight

ST582 powered delta wing passed the first major equipment certification in Hunan Province

Joint application with Longping Hi-Tech and others for national science and technology support plan approved

Awarded "Advanced Unit of Civilization Construction in Zhuzhou City in 2013"


Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in February

In August, Zhuzhou Shanhe Aviation Industry Base started construction

October 9 Obtained the 147 type training license for civil aviation (No. D.147.300012)

Major Achievement Transformation Project of Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology: Demonstration and extension of agricultural aviation operation technology in hybrid rice production process

Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission's first set of major technical equipment certification and awards: light sport aircraft

Strategic Emerging Industry in Hunan Province: Industrialization of General Aircraft

In November, Sunward Arola SA60L light sports aircraft won the first China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award (only 10 in the country)


June 29 The light sport aircraft obtained the first domestic type design approval TDA (TDA015-ZN) issued by Civil Aviation of China

National Torch Program: Industrialization of Aerial UAV

Changsha Key Science and Technology Project: Industrialization of Low-altitude Telemetry and Remote Sensing UAV

Awarded "High-tech Enterprise of Hunan Province"


In September, the SUF30 low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle surveying and mapping remote sensing system passed the industry appraisal organized by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, and the expert committee unanimously recognized that it reached the international advanced level

In September Sunward Arola SA60L light sport aircraft obtained Italian registration certification


2009 Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Major Special Project: Research on key technologies for the industrialization of light aircraft.


In March 2008, Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

In August 2008, it was awarded the "Hunan Province Science and Technology Major Special Demonstration Enterprise".

In October 2008, the first Shanhe Arola SA60L light sport aircraft prototype rolled off the production line and participated in the Zhuhai Air Show.

2008 Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Major Project: Development and Industrialization of Light Aircraft.


2007 Hunan Province Science and Technology Major Special Project Pre-research: Research and Industrialization of Key Technologies of Light Aircraft.

Hunan Province Science and Technology Major Special Project Pre-research: Research and Industrialization of Key Technologies of Light Aircraft.


In April 2002, Sunward Aviation Research Institute was established.

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