Aurora SA60L is 2 seats light sports aircraft which design and manufacture by Hunan Sunward. This aircraft is the first LSA plane by ASTM standard design since 2008. Three prototype aircrafts were completed under the ASTM standard ground components, machine testing, flight testing and verification test in 2011.Aurora SA60L was officially awarded with TDA and PC issued by CAAC in 2013 and received type design approval(TDA015-ZN) in June 29, 2011.

Sunward SA60L was received production certificate (PC0023A-ZN) in May 7, 2013. And which is developed independently by our company and the only Chinese officially awarded with TDA and PC. It has sold 30 and according to the needs of the market can be used for SA60-N crop-dust aircraft , SA60L-P aero photographing and mapping aircraft with slight modification, over 2000 hours of flight safety time.   

机翼翼展 8.6米
机身长 6.89米
机高 253米
主轮距 1.79米
纵向轮距 1.63米
标准空重 340千克
最大有效载荷 260千克
最大起飞、着陆重量 600千克
不可逾越速度 270千米/小时
巡航速度 205千米/小时
机动速度 180千米/小时
失速速度 82千米/小时(襟翼0度)

起飞离地速度 85千米/小时(襟翼10度)
起飞滑跑离地距离 135米
着陆滑跑停止距离 175米
机动载荷限制  + 4G    -2G
滑翔比 12.5(0度襟翼,空速135千米/小时)
实用升限 4500米
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